Putting to rest rising complaints in the usability of the TaxProMax platform, the Federal Inland Revenue services now has under its belt; “Self-Service Stations” in all the FIRS Tax Offices to enable efficient service delivery for the newly introduced tax platform.

Beyond the automation, advantage attached to the TaxProMax, these stations will have a designated officer to provide real-time assistance to taxpayers.

Recall that since the introduction of the TaxProMax platform in 2021, the system has been replete with complaints from end-users on issues that bother on familiarity with the interface and regular downtimes.

The recent achievement of the TaxProMax as submitted by the FIRS boss; Muhammad Nami has been a steady increase in tax collection as according to ta performance update, the nation recorded a consistent increase in tax collection from the non-oil sectors of the economy in 2021, peaking at 69% from 38% in 2017.

With the newly established stations, the tax administration now aims at enhancing voluntary tax compliance, among others, providing taxpayers with the opportunity to carry out the following services online while in the Tax Office.

Other functionality also includes; Filing tax returns, Paying taxes, Applying for and validating TCCs, Generating receipts & credit notes.

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