With the rising conversation on the need to turn to taxation as a viable source of national economic survival away from dwindling crude oil revenue, ideas to make the tax administration live up to this expectation have proven not to be in short supplies.

The latest of such lofty ideas is coming from the behest of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN), pointing that the tax administration is bedeviled of the multiplicity of taxes, obsolete tax legislation, poor database, and tax touting among other critical cogs in the wheel of progress.

For the CITN, the factors identified beyond their immediate devastating effect on revenue generation also affect the inflow of foreign exchanges through foreign and local tax.

The need to harmonize taxes also ranks high as a solution to poor compliance

In a recent collaborative effort between the professional group and Cross Rivers State Government tagged ‘taxpayers’ sensitization and enlightenment campaign’, the need for taxpayers to be in the know of how sharp practices can impact the government negatively formed a major highlight.

On the positive side, the professional group via its president and chairman, Mr. Adesina Adedayo highlights that governments across the different tiers are already taking the right steps to mitigate these challenges by harmonizing taxes, passionately appealing to taxpayers,  clamping down on illegal collectors, and crude ways of tax collection.

Putting matters in proper perspective

Following a school of thought that the tax administrator is to be blamed for these irregularities, CITN submits that it behooves the citizenry to first fulfill their civic responsibilities of paying taxes timely before casting the blames on poor utilization of revenue.

“This is not the case as the tax authority only collects and remits to the government, who in turn determine how best to deploy the funds. To have the moral right to hold the government accountable, taxpayers must play their part.

Mr. Adesina Adedayo, CITN’s President.

Snippets from CITN’s release,

“The starting point is for taxpayers to fulfill their obligations in line with the relevant tax laws administered by the tax authorities at all levels. This is as opposed to an erroneous impression held by many citizens who demand the government to provide all the needed amenities before paying taxes.”

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