Verifying the authenticity of a tax clearance just became easier. All you need to do is to have an internet connection on your desired device, the company name, registration number, and boom you have the Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC) confirmation on your screen.

The above is now a possibility due to a recent launch by the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS of an online portal that can be used on the go to verify the genuineness of a TCC to curb tax evasion and nip in the bud, tax malpractices.

This new and digital development to ease tax processes in the country is coming on the heels of the FIRS’ recent introduction of a new online Tax Administration Solution (TaxPro-Max), which will now fight the activities of fraudsters who make fake TCCs for Nigerian businesses.

The initiative is coming on the heels of the FIRS’s recent launch of TaxPro-Max, a new online Tax Administration Solution

FIRS’ rationale

Further explaining what promoted the agency in looking towards this direction, Dr. Abdullahi Ahmad, Director, Communications and Liaison Department of FIRS on the recent launch of the portal explained that the state-of-the-art and user-friendly online portal will be liable for detecting any TCC not duly issued by the FIRS.

On the online portal’s launch, the FIRS has issued a 30-day window to obtain Tax Clearance Certificates, TCC.

By implication,

The FIRS through this portal will now afford Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, corporates, and individuals to confirm the genuineness of TCCs issued to them by visiting

How it works

The Director, Communications and Liaison Department narrated that the moment one put the Taxpayer Identification Number, TIN of the company in question, its RC number, and the name of the company in the portal, the actual Tax Clearance Certificate of the company if it has any, will come up.

The general public is hereby encouraged on the realization of a fake TCC to immediately inform the FIRS to commence prosecution or erring party.

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