No other irregularity mitigates against the tax administration across all tiers of government like leakages. This is why the Edo State Government is rising to the challenge of plunging these leakages which tax evasion ranks the highest.

To curb this scorch of tax evasion among other excesses, the Godwin Obaseki led administration has decided to commence the process of implementing a new law in the state that stops the collection of cash as tax payment but makes it fully digital.

The rationale behind this move as deduced by Taxmobile.Online is to strengthen existing tax laws, improve revenue collection, and nip in the bud other corrupt practices inherent in the system. Putting a stop on cash transactions will curb excesses from tax officials and taxpayers alike, this is also a contributing factor to the move.

For the Godwin Obaseki led administration, it is a case of doing more with the limited available resources.

Check out Obaseki’s statement during a recently held stakeholders’ engagement of the Edo State Transition Committee with artisan groups at the New Festival Hall, Government House, Benin City.

 “As a government, we are looking at all the processes of tax collection; we will ensure no more cash tax payment, as it will enable us to check corruption in the system. 

“We are simplifying the tax system in the State to encourage more people to key into the system. You can commit a crime in America and go free but not with tax evasion.”

“If we can do so more with the little we get as tax, imagine what we can do when more people pay their taxes,” he noted.

 “We are trying to maintain a sense of accountability and openness to our people.

“The problems that we are facing didn’t just start today and can’t be solved in just one day but both the Government and the people must do things right to solve the problems facing us. 

“We are going to work together with you to ensure that we have constant interaction. Our problem is not money, but how effectively we can use your money. When you contribute or pay your taxes, you want to see that we use it to make you proud; we can’t do anything without you.

“We are not like some states that have huge IGR or very high allocations but the little that we get, we can show you the plan or what we have achieved with the taxes.”

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