The Ondo State Government is on the move again looking for money. This time, it doesn’t plan to go into marijuana farming and trading but just like Lagos in recent times, it plans to look into exploring the full potential of tourism through tourist sites and promoting its culture.

What other place could inspire the Ondo State Government if not for Lekki, Lagos during a recent visit by Governor Akeredolu with other officials to the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. The tourist site without mincing words during the visit was hailed as a veritable source of diversification. For Governor Akeredolu, it is a question of why not replicate the same in Ondo?

Answering the above question, the governor expressed concerns of his administration to look into the development of tourism in the state especially with the rising need to quickly change the economic direction of the state into a more prosperous one, achieving a mandate of kick-starting an industrial revolution in Ondo and establishing tourism as the economic hub in the state.

Governor Akeredolu just like with last year’s plan in trading Marijuana, continues to look at ways to grow the state’s IGR

The roadmap

  • The Ondo State Government has also reeled out projects that double as a roadmap to enabling the state to see growth through tourism. Below the strategic breakdown:
  • Establishment of a “Yoru’ bar kamp Africa Center”. This is a garden that is slated to be built adjacent to the Government House ground that will feature recreational facilities, Africa dance lesson, Africa Catering, Africa Percussion, Tie & Dye among other offerings.
  • Transformation of the Araromi seaside and replicate same at Idanre, developing the Idanre hills too.
  • The government also wants to build a tourist attraction around the Igogo festival, the Oke Maria.
  • Other sites targeted for tourist attractions are the Omi Eja in Alagbaka, Akure, ‘Ile rigi’ (House on the Tree). The Araromi beach.

 The Governor’s statement

 “Yoru’ bar kamp Africa Center” will be built at the garden adjacent to the Government House ground with recreational facilities and it is expected to offer African dance lessons, African catering, African Percussion, Tie & Dye, Basketweaving, hair weaving, coconut oil making, and others.

 “What we are set to do is that we want to change the face of the state. We want tourism to be one of the key IGR in the state.

” It is better for us to invest in tourism and get more of our youths and people involved. When we can do that, it pays better.

“In about six months, we must transform the Araromi seaside and immediately go to Idanre. We will still have Mare and develop Idanre hills too.

“The Igogo festival, the Oke Maria, we can build tourism around them. We spoke about the Igogo festival and we want it to be akin to the Brazilian festival.

“The Omi Eja in Alagbaka, Akure, we target developing the place with ‘Ile rigi’ (House on the Tree). We want to hope for our people. We need to look at this. We are talking about unity. The various names you see here are bringing unity.

“The Araromi beach won’t be for Ondo state alone. It is for the whole world. We must rebirth now and recreate the concept here. Everything is woven around African culture. We have to export African culture. And from there we have prosperity.

“We believe that the employment generated by the type of tourism industry we envisaged for our state will provide opportunities for all.

“This is because it does not focus solely on educational achievements, rather it embraces an understanding of our culture, the ability to showcase our music and dance, and a willingness to display our pride in the talents and heritage of our great people.’’

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