Pay taxes or risk public name-calling and shame are summary of the Edo State Internal Revenue Service (EIRS) adoption, set to be implemented to shore up its revenue base aimed at boosting compliance.

The revenue-generating agency of the state has it that all is set for the campaign to kickstart in other to bring to the consciousness of taxpayers that it is a bad time to be a tax defaulter.

Identified taxpayers to be targeted with the campaign include owners of hotels, bars, eateries, restaurants, trade associations, as well as lawyers, architects, medical professionals, and school proprietors.

State governors across the federation continue to look at ways to grow their revenue base

The EIRS further threatens prosecution for tax evasion especially among many high net-worth individuals and contractors in the state. The agency added that the state government was committed to ensuring tax defaulters were brought to book.

The EIRS through its Executive Chairman, ‘Nidu Innehin in a recent update already name-called certain sectors with a prevalent rate of tax evasion, noting that several gas plant operators and petrol station owners fall in the category.

Contrary to the warnings, the revenue-generating agency took the time to appreciate dutiful taxpayers for their consistent compliance which has helped the state government to meet up with its day-to-day obligation.

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