It is no news that the era of bounty harvest from monthly federal allocation is over with. State governments across the federation in the wake of this ‘new normal’ orchestrated by the unreliable nature of the international oil market are intensifying efforts to make up for the increasingly slim national cake.

Part of the efforts by these state governments is to continually look at ways to internally generate more revenue to augment what is coming from the slim central pocket.

It is in the above regard that the Plateau State Internal Revenue Service (PSIRS) has charged all 17 local government areas in the state, Ministries Department, and Agencies to intensify effort towards raking in more IGR for the state government to execute its yearly budget to the fullest in the benefit of all residents.

The executive chairman of PSIRS, Dashe Arlat Dasogot emphasized recently that all areas must be explored to drive sufficient revenue into the state’s coffers such that the government is empowered to do what is needful for the betterment of the state in general.

States of the federation continue to look inwards, away from federal allocation

As a foreground, this charge for more IGR is coming on the heels of the many obligations met monthly by the state government juxtaposed with a decreasing monthly federal support. This charge is also necessitated by the vast potentials inherent in all the 17 local government areas of the state.

In the executive chairman’s words,

“To facilitate the process, the Plateau State Internal Revenue Service, which is vested with the responsibility of identification, compilation, and storage of a comprehensive and easily retrievable taxation database, has established the modus operandi in that regard.

 “We have begun and shall continue to interface and guide all MDAs and local governments in the state to optimize their revenue generation and collection of transparent cooperation by leaderships of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) and local governments because it is crucial in this regard.

“We had expanded the capturing and profiling of more individuals and entities into the tax net through direct engagement, and with the application of relevant technology. Our efforts resulted in significant improvements on the internal revenue yield of the state, such that Plateau State was adjudged one of the top 10 states in Nigeria that added the most in its Internally Generated Revenue in 2020, with a total collection of ₦2.64billion, compared to 2019.”

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