Effective taxation is often the recommendation when it comes to boosting the government’s dwindling revenue state. This time in a rare scenario, more taxes has been proffered the antidote to a medical crisis as a coalition of non-governmental organisations and medical experts recently urged the Federal Government to impose 20 percent taxes and excise duty on sugar-sweetened beverages, including soft drinks, soda, and energy drinks to prevent obesity.

In their analysis, imposing this 20 percent tax will discourage the consumption of these drinks and promote a healthier society. This recommendation was in the spirit of commemorating the 2021 World Obesity Day held on Thursday, March 18th, 2021.

If 20% Taxes on Sugar-Sweetened drinks is implemented, the FG is bound to rake in more revenue from the sector and still promotes healthy living

To make the cutdown on obesity more deliberate,  the NGO recommended that the producers of these drinks should be prevented from advertising their products to children.

Taxmobile.Online gathered that the statement was signed by the African Youth Initiative on Population, Health, and Development; Project Pink Blue; Association for Reproductive and Family Health; Lafiya Wealth Initiative; Make Our Hospital Work Campaign; TalkHealth9ja; Breast Without Spot Initiative and Happy Nigeria, among others.

What you should know

The World Obesity Day is observed every March 4 to create awareness of obesity.

Recent studies reveal that obesity increases the mortality risk of COVID-19 by nearly 50 percent, making it a significant mortality risk factor.

The consumption of SSBs, commonly known as soft drinks, is strongly associated with obesity in Nigeria. Nigeria ranks the fourth highest soft drink consuming country globally, with over 40 million litres sold yearly.

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